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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
You should hear my "If I was half the man, I was 30 years ago, i'd take a FFFFLLLLAAAAMMME thorwer to this place!"

I originally shot that segment because it was going to be an entire film with only Tony. You know, saying fark a lot - I never was able to save up enough bones to do the resturant scene. "Is this all there is? Eating, Drinking, Farking, Sarking and for what.... joo guys joo think you da goods guys? joo da bad guys mange.... joo need people like me.... so joo can point your farking fingers and say hey.... he da bad guy, he cook hot and fast, well roll your foil up man... cuz dis is da last time joo will ever see a bad guy like dis again.... " all with a big plate of bones on the table like I just ate them.

All thats on the cutting room floor along with - "the womb is so paluted - eh can even have a little bitty baby"
I'd settle for a few informal outtakes at your kitchen table..
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