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Originally Posted by jetfxr27 View Post
Wow, that is a PeRFECT match! Death threats? LOL, I could see it. Like my Daddy said, son he cooks q's just good enough to think he q's good. Those people can be dangerous.

I think its a great idea. Just like the night train Brisket. I would love to try the recipe. Kinda like Myron squirting that quart of lighter fluid on his pit. When you got you got it. Shake the haters off.

Title the thread "Boiling Ribs 101,"

I could swear I had this as a signature once. I hate to start controversy but my question is, if boiling or simmering ribs could never ever ever ever in a million years create a superior product to non-boiled ribs, then why make it illegal in competition. I mean if we can have chicken salad (and technically every KCBS entry is a salad) as an entry and be cool with it cuz it aint gonna win why not boiled ribs? LOL This is rhetorical.
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