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OK - here's a quote that I made in another thread:

As a judge I have seen boxes that you would not believe: KCBS chicken entry with foil under an uncut half chicky; another KCBS chicken entry with bunches of red & purple grapes for garnish; KCBS pork entry that had two hoagie rolls (each cut into thirds) in the box, making 6 little sammies; totally burnt (or raw) meat; the list goes on and on. I keep asking myself if some of these guys don't even bother to check the rules of the contest or attend the cooks' meeting .
They are probably the same ones that I hear muttering during the awards ceremony that "everyone that tasted my BBQ says that it's the best ... blah, blah, blah ... what's the matter with these jerks?"

I have also seen Red tipped lettuce, foil (more than once), celery, tomato slices, toothpicks, butcher's twine and a piece of unidentified vegetable matter in the turn in box.
Along with the half-a-bird mentioned above, there have been ribs, pork slices and brisket that were not cut all of the way through, sometimes leaving less than the 6 required pieces. This is another good reason to put 7 or more pieces in the box!
Burnt chicken - I mean BURNT!!! One entry was damn near charcoal, thankfully it went to the table next to me, not mine . Sliced pork (the same one that didn't cut the slices all the way through) that was so raw that it was "tow-strap tough".

The vast majority of the entries will score a 7 or higher - but you sure do remember the terrible ones .

By the way, I've only judged for three years and still need one more comp for my Master CBJ. All of the contests that I've been to have been KCBS.
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