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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
yeah sorry bout the Hendrix thang

2 years ago I actually used this video of eddie doing james to do a special rib recipe everyone asks me how I do and oddly enough gets pissed when I tell them. It cause the most nasty writings on my site when I posted it. I delelted the project and never posted in here.

I make something called "Break my heart Loinbacks." I was going to use this because the recipe (and old low country recipe I discovered) simmered the ribs first in a STRONG chicken or meat stock combined with apple cider and dark beer along with several other spices and lots of bay leaves. The ribs are then tossed on an open pit (regular is fine too) and smoked while you reduce the stock down.

Thing was, the resturant that mad this back in the 30's, 40's and 50's - well, as you made more ribs the stock got more flavorful and thus the ribs were better. Eventually the stock was made as a base for a sauce that glazed the ribs at the end.

I about got death threats and all i was trying top do was show a historical recipe, like when the veteran Walter Jetton boiled his briskets in beef stock before throwon them on an open pit. It was the wrong approach even though the video with eddie was hilarious.
Wow, that is a PeRFECT match! Death threats? LOL, I could see it. Like my Daddy said, son he cooks q's just good enough to think he q's good. Those people can be dangerous.

I think its a great idea. Just like the night train Brisket. I would love to try the recipe. Kinda like Myron squirting that quart of lighter fluid on his pit. When you got you got it. Shake the haters off.

Title the thread "Boiling Ribs 101,"
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