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Originally Posted by timzcardz View Post
Skip, KCBS' stated primary exempt purpose (directly from their tax return) is "PROMOTION AND EDUCATION OF BARBECUE AND BARBECUE COOKING"

Education is a primary reason that it is a not for profit. If there isn't activity then why not? The "why not" should be reported.

If there is no activity to report, wouldn't that jeopardize continued tax exempt status?

There should always be activity, and it should always be reported to document it, if not to keep the membership informed, then for the purpose of substantiating satisfaction its claimed purpose for exemption.
Well then it does seem a bit damning that there is no report but I wonder if education is difficult to disseminate during the height of the season when promoting the BBQ through contest and such is the main focus. I wonder if education is something held for the "off" season when the membership can better approach educating the masses.

Again this is just benefit of the doubt ideas. It could very well be that the education aspect is being completely ignored which is the fault of not only the chair of the committee but the entire board for not holding the chair to a specific expectation. If that is the case I applaud Thom for making it known to the membership here so that we can move to correct it.

I think there was a thread on committees and their activity. Maybe we can see how many no reports there were and for what committees.
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