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Wow!! That's is fast. Looks fastastic, but I know the texture you are talking about. Quite a bit different from one that goes slower and lower. I'm guessing that since Myron used a Wagyu brisket that his was probably more in the preferred texture range because of all the marbling in it.

Being the nice guy that I am...........I'm willing to try Myron's method with the water pan and all if someone is willing to send me a Wagyu brisket. The things I'll do for all of you!

Let's look at this even closer.........let's say youare going to make chili like Neil is. It would make sense to go hot and fast since the meat is going to cook (simmer) again in the chili. The "tighter" texture would be great for this because it won't end up breaking up in the chili. This may even be a good idea for freezing a brisket that will later gets reheated. I've had some briskets that were hard to slice because all it wanted to do was break apart as the knife sliced through it. Probably a result of overcooking or overcoolering or both.

I'm interested in what you all think.

So where's the chili pron, Mista??
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