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Popdaddy Weep ‘Em and Read - Hot and Fast Rib Method

Ladies and Gentlemen, here he is, Mr. Excitement, Mr. Entertainment, The Hardest Workin’ Man in Show Bidness, Mr. Dynamite, The God Father of Soul, The 8th Wonder of the World and Soul Brutha Number One –

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James Brown!

Well I think that with the Introduction Our Brethren Funkless have Exited the Hall and Now we Can Talk about the Funk.

You have seen me squawk about Hot and Fast Ribs and So here it is.
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This is Popdaddy.

Being the Sultan of Seduction all the time can have hazards on the road when you travel town to town. Popdaddy ain’t got no time to wrap thangs, mop, check all the time and the only thing he is gonna spritz on when he come to town is probably yo’ mamma or yo’ sista. So I have it from his Highest Authority that I can share this technique with you.

This is optimized for an all wood smoker, a rather large one so things may not be precise. The Rub has been tweaked to augment and compliment the quick process. This process requires bringing up your rib temp to 170 degrees as fast and efficiently as you can, so in my case it’s a house temp of above 260 and no higher than 330. When Ribs hit that point they begin to weep their pig honey out.

We don’t want to lose that honey as we are not wrapping in foil so we need to preserve as much as we can get. We also need to make sure the pig honey is drawn back in at a precise time. So…. Right BEFORE the time we have the ribs fully weeping we need to be sure our fire is mostly coals and no unburned material. The reason why is because we are going to trap those ribs in that Smokey environment by shutting off all the air getting in AND out of the pit for a time. This gradual cooling will draw that juice back in, gently finish off the ribs and make for a good barky juicy rib with lots of flavor.

There are some things we don’t want to do. We do not want to trim the sinew. Sure you can once you try it with it on first, but for now leave it on. At these temps the moisture loss is bigger than the flavor loss. In fact, I really don’t see any flavor loss with the sinew off in this case. In the 3 – 2 – 1 method I do.

We don’t want to do a lot of peeking. We can flip though if we want. But no mopping or spritzing – it lowers the temp of the ribs on their quick rise to the weep stage.

Now in the weeping method we benefit from limited exposure from smoke. These ribs tend to be smoked to a point where your rub and the smoke compliments the meat instead of shadowing it. Basically, foiling reduces the exposure to the smoke and limits drying. But in high temp smoking we smoke so fast nothing gets a chance to dry out – if you’re careful.

The rub is special too. I am using my Popdaddy’s Butt Glitter (which is a low salt ratio Rubb) along with a final Sprinkle of Atomic Dog to raise the Salt level Up and create a great Bark. I have good luck with using the Hit Me Fred too but a thin coating of your favorite flavored mustard will do. THIN! Trying this method with other rubs (especially High Salt ones) can end in failure and disillusionment. Also, letting the ribs sit overnight is not good.

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