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Originally Posted by ique View Post
Holy crap Skip are you arguing Pork rules again? I'm shocked
Nah not arguing just having fun with this. It was pretty funny to hear that someone had put a whole portion of a butt in a box. Very similar to the argument I raised about the pork rule

Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post

I'm sure that this whole discussion would be considered a MAJOR hijacking of this thread. It was in good nature when we started it, but now I'm getting the feeling that it's gone to far.

I'll PM you with my feelings about your post or we can start another thread to complete our discussion.

I apologize to Lake Dogs for the disruption.
Yeah didn't mean to hijack the thread at all. I'm sorry if you felt the good natured air about the conversation changed. I was still having fun and wasn't taking any of it too serious. I'd like to hear your response to it all. Either way would work. Its all good Jeff.

Sorry for the hijack Lake Dog. I didn't mean to steer your thread in the wrong direction.
Yeah it looks good...but how does it smell?

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