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Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
Sorry Skip, I know it's you (and I'm going to tell Julie on you!!!)...

5) A score of one (1) is a disqualification and requires
approval by a Contest Rep. Grounds for disqualification:
All judges will give a one (1) in Appearance for
unapproved garnish, pooled sauce or less than 6 samples
of meat. All judges will give a one (1) in all criteria for
sculptured meat, a marked turn-in container, foreign
object in the container, incorrect meat. All judges not
receiving a sample will give a one (1) in all criteria.

Actually a 'pile' of pulled pork would be a DQ as well if it was all stuck together and gravity didn't allow it to pull apart.

Based on the CBJ class that I took, if two pieces of brisket are not sliced completly through they should be concidered as one and if there is not enough in the box for each judge to have some it's a DQ. The same holds true for ribs to the point where the BOD stated that there must be 'at least 6 disernable servings (cut ribs)'. Now if you take this forward to your single chunk of meat I feel it would be DQ'd based on the following:

1) While there may be enough meat you can not assume that it is cut and therefore only a single serving where with a pile of pulled pork you can see that there are more than 6 servings. Remember, the BOD did not define the size of a serving.

2) Once the first judge picked up his/her portion (remember no shaking now) there would not be anything left for the other judges...

Nice try 'Skippy', but it didn't work... Now I have to call Julie (and you are in SOOOOOO much trouble!!!!)
I had always thought the same thing Jeff. I figured a pile of pork was in fact a single serving and would be considered a DQ but unless you can remove that whole pile of meat you can't consider it one piece. Just as a rib that is stuck falls back to the box as you pick it up would not be a DQ. Although very close.
So the mound of pulled pork is a viable entry. Heck they give you forks for people to pick up their portion. With that being said a whole butt or picnic skillfully placed in the box would never stay together in one piece as people tried to remove it. With all the muscle strands you could claim distinguishable portions and with a little crush you could break it enough internally that it would not be parted but would be able to be disassembled. As long as there was a hunk left when the last person chose it would be legal.
Now we already know that there is a lot of interpretation among reps from different regions. So it could be that those you are accustom to may not allow, or better stated would agree to a DQ if it was a single mound. Where as those I know would not.
Please note I have been wrong about the reps before. lol
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