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Originally Posted by stevemiller View Post
This kind of cooking is new to me so I have to ask the masters. I have always cooked to about the temp of med. rare on beef so not to dry it out and kill the flavor. Now I am told to cook it to about 200deg. so as not have it tough and dry. I am not arguing Just trying to understand.Thanks for all the help,My membership was the best money I have spent in a long time.Right next to my UDS. Steve
Rare and Med don't work well with butts and brisket because they are cheap and tough cuts of meat. You need to take them to a higher temp in order to make them tender but not to well done so they are not dry and crumbly.

I don't foil ribs unless I am really running behind time and I never mop or spray. I wait tell I get close to my approximate done time and pick it up with the tongs in the middle and see how it bends, if it bends over like a wet noodle its done if not it goes a little longer. Also don't ever check internal temp on ribs.
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