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Well Iím slow with this post and PRON.
I did my first ABTS on Thanksgiving. I also threw on a couple of fatties and a chunk of ham for ham salad later. The yellow mini peppers are for my daughter Gena as for her as she canít cope with the hot stuff but bacon is the perfect food, so I call her version training turds.
I donít have the best manual dexterity at times and half thought I should wear a face shield while de-seeding the peppers. Wearing surgical gloves I started cleaning the peppers and trying different method and styles of cuts. Well sure as sh*t Iím scraping away and thwap a hunk flies up just below my right eye.
Go ahead and laugh you farkers, it is funny in the retelling. Anyway Iím able to remove that from my face with out to much of a burn and proceed with stuffing the peppers. By the time I get the bacon wrapped my work looks like some third graders art project and I wonder if its worth it, never having tasted an ABT before.
I bring them over to my brothers not telling him what ABTS stands for he just starts wolfing them down and Iím really pleased with the taste and results. Did learn a few things in the process besides that they are worth the effort.
Face shields may look wimpy but then again so does anyone with JalapeŮo in their eyes.
There is a Russian roulette quality to ABTís apparently some (of my)peppers were better de-seeded than others.
In time management way, is there an efficient way of making a lot of ABTís?
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