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Default Figuring break even costs

I have been doing street fairs, roadside and small Fair events for a couple of years,But this coming year I'm going to jump into some bigger fairs and festivals.I have been able to do a simple break even Calc. on these small fairs;free & low cost entries etc.But Now I'm looking at higher fees,percentages of sales,cost of my new trailer etc.So I'm wondering how/what do I figure in to make a break even cost to make my menu prices?Do I divide the cost of:
Monthly trailer payments /number of days?
Cost of Fair space /number of event days
anything over 2500.00 there is a 20% cut to the fair how do I figure that in.Projected sales per day?what is an average?Sometimes it's all PP Sammie's and other times it's all ribs.big diff in income.
I'm not a math person and I'm going to add (Ideas? %) to my break even but not sure how to go about figuring my break even on these cost.The food I have down. Any help please.
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