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Great question! I have been cooking out of my backyard for people for about 8 months now and I have had smooth cooks and nightmares. This past weekend I did a party with the customer calling the day before the event asking for appetizers at the last minute. Of course I said "no problem". Big mistake on my part. It snowed 4 inches, my helper couldn't make it, had to run all over looking for stuff, my wife who works all week and had planned to decorate for Christmas Saturday ended up having to help me. It went right to the wire with the time. Then the customer calls as I am leaving asking me to pick something up for her. No help loading everything. As I left the house I told my wife I was going to sell every blanking smoker I owned and she would not even get me to grill a burger again. Delivered everything, came home and collapsed. I missed all the college football games I had planned to watch as well. I woke up Sunday morning, fired up the Spicewine and put a couple racks of ribs in with a couple of Cornish hens and relaxed. Today I went to pick up everything and collect a check and she had included a tip for $250.00! I love cooking but it can be a pain. I plan to get legal over the winter. A trailer would be nice but the budget doesn't allow it yet.

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