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Default My first KCBS Event!

Demopolis Christmas on the River

OK ... I didn't compete as Life of Brine this weekend.

I drove 5 1/2 hours down to Demopolis to give Mike CSBBQ of Chix, Swine & Bovine BBQ and a member of the Brethren a hand. Since I am brand new at this competing stuff I figure if I can learn while helping I am gonna be all over that. I also met Mike and Debbie Davis of Lotta Bull, and Johnnie Trigg and lots of other great folks.

I learned a lot of little secrets , worked with a first class stick burner. It was a real beauty! I hope I helped more than I hindered, and of course worked hard and had lotsa fun even though it was cold and rainy and we were under the threat of an inch of snow. Heck this morning I actually had ice on the windshield of my truck.

I was warned that everybody would be great at this event and they were!

Thanks Mike! I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me. Say hello to the folks up at Savage Mill for me.

So here are the results. Look for the bold italicized & underlined portion.

Grand Champion: House of Q
Reserve Champion: Smokin' Triggers

1 House of Q
2 Smokin' Triggers
3 Jiggy Piggy
4 Wild Bunch Butt Burners
5 Uncle Chet's BBQ
6 Buttmasters
7 Chix,Swine and Bovine
8 TeeWayne's Smoking Lips
9 Smokin' Butt Crew
10 Lotta Bull BBQ
11 Sweat Hogs
12 E M Azing BBQ
13 Full of Bologna
14 Naheola Pride
15 Long Dawgs/Harvest Moon
16 Forever Wild Cooking Tea
17 Hawg Heaven BBQ
18 Bad Backs and BBQ
19 Doc's Ribs
20 Possum Ridge BBQ
21 Bama Boys
22 Booty Licious
23 Alabama Power
24 Big Bee Q
25 Smoke of the Shoals
26 JoBeazBlazing Butts&Wing
27 Kudzu Cookers
28 Loose Cannon BBQ

1 Smokin' Butt Crew
2 Buttmasters
3 House of Q
4 Long Dawgs/Harvest Moon
5 JoBeazBlazing Butts&Wing
6 Lotta Bull BBQ
7 Wild Bunch Butt Burners
8 Chix,Swine and Bovine
9 Sweat Hogs
10 Full of Bologna
11 E M Azing BBQ
12 Bad Backs and BBQ
13 Uncle Chet's BBQ
14 Hawg Heaven BBQ
15 Smokin' Triggers
16 Naheola Pride
17 Forever Wild Cooking Tea
18 Bama Boys
19 Jiggy Piggy
20 Doc's Ribs
21 TeeWayne's Smoking Lips
22 Kudzu Cookers
23 Alabama Power
24 Loose Cannon BBQ
25 Booty Licious
26 Smoke of the Shoals
27 Possum Ridge BBQ
28 Big Bee Q

1 House of Q
2 Uncle Chet's BBQ
3 Jiggy Piggy
4 TeeWayne's Smoking Lips
5 Bad Backs and BBQ
6 Chix,Swine and Bovine
7 Wild Bunch Butt Burners
8 Full of Bologna
9 Buttmasters
10 Smokin' Triggers
11 Lotta Bull BBQ
12 Long Dawgs/Harvest Moon
13 Possum Ridge BBQ
14 Big Bee Q
15 Booty Licious
16 E M Azing BBQ
17 Forever Wild Cooking Tea
18 Smokin' Butt Crew
19 Naheola Pride
20 Loose Cannon BBQ
21 Kudzu Cookers
22 Hawg Heaven BBQ
23 Alabama Power
24 Sweat Hogs
25 Doc's Ribs
26 Bama Boys
27 Smoke of the Shoals
28 JoBeazBlazing Butts&Wing

1 Smokin' Triggers
2 Jiggy Piggy
3 Bama Boys
4 Naheola Pride
5 Hawg Heaven BBQ
6 Sweat Hogs
7 Wild Bunch Butt Burners
8 Possum Ridge BBQ
9 Forever Wild Cooking Tea
10 House of Q
11 Buttmasters
12 Doc's Ribs
13 Smoke of the Shoals
14 Full of Bologna
15 Bad Backs and BBQ
16 Smokin' Butt Crew
17 Lotta Bull BBQ
18 JoBeazBlazing Butts&Wing
19 Loose Cannon BBQ
20 Uncle Chet's BBQ
21 Booty Licious
22 TeeWayne's Smoking Lips
23 Alabama Power
24 Long Dawgs/Harvest Moon
25 Chix,Swine and Bovine
26 E M Azing BBQ
27 Big Bee Q
28 Kudzu Cookers

1 Chix,Swine and Bovine - Mike actually got 3 9-9-9's so you know it was good! Now to quote that famous Shake n Bake commercial ... aynd IIIIIII halped.
2 TeeWayne's Smoking Lips
3 House of Q
4 Smokin' Triggers
5 Wild Bunch Butt Burners
6 Uncle Chet's BBQ
7 Big Bee Q
8 Buttmasters
9 E M Azing BBQ
10 Sweat Hogs
11 Jiggy Piggy
12 Smokin' Butt Crew
13 Smoke of the Shoals
14 Lotta Bull BBQ
15 Naheola Pride
16 Alabama Power
17 Kudzu Cookers
18 Doc's Ribs
19 Full of Bologna
20 Long Dawgs/Harvest Moon
21 Forever Wild Cooking Tea
22 Booty Licious
23 Possum Ridge BBQ
24 Hawg Heaven BBQ
25 JoBeazBlazing Butts&Wing
26 Bama Boys
27 Loose Cannon BBQ
28 Bad Backs and BBQ
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