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I really had no issue with getting legal in PA. I'm in central, PA near state college, first thing I did was have a meeting with the local dept. of ag. sit down with them to go over what I wanted to do, my equipment and how i planned on setting it up. They told me what would work and wouldn't work, made the necessary changes to the plan. All was going great, (was setting it up on an open air trailer) then I bought a salvation army canteen truck for 1,000 bucks, which had lots of countertops and cabinets in, lights inside and out, generator, griddle, stock pot burners, I removed the single sink that was in it, put in a 6' stainless work table I setup with the 3bay wash station, and the single bay hand wash, water heater, pump, fresh and gray tanks. I have less than 2,000 in it, and it acts as my commercial kitchen, and gave me my license. Its was definately alot easier with that truck, than it would have been the other way. I wish ya the best of luck, and if there is any questions I might be able to answer, give me a shout.
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