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Default Newbie got his barrel!

Hello! first post to this thread (and bbq-brethren.)

Truly epic thread! Thanks everyone! Nice barrel stevemiller!

After using most of Thanksgiving weekend (deep-fried a bird) to read every post, I'm "only" on page 260.

But, I have to report in that I have procured my used barrel. Woo hoo!

I made calls from work Monday (couldn't wait!), took a long lunch, and got my free barrel from the local soap/shampoo company.

Unlined, open-top, with lid+ring+bolt, only a soapy residue to wash out!

I also bought the step drill bits on Monday. I will begin in earnest Friday. Yes!

I still can't get over the dedication to this thread! I would proudly wear the t-shirt, even though I don't know why so many of us feel compelled to read every word. Please, don't answer that.



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