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This place is a lot tighter than most of the internet sites. We stand up for what we believe and protect our own.

Not to say there isn't controversy! (Not to even say that a lil' controversy is bad...)

Just treat people with the same respect that you would want to be treated with and all is good.

Jeanie is unique and does more with food than most of us could ever imagine doing. She's still one of the only people I know with a real smokehouse! (Bout time to do some cold smoking again isn't it Jeanie?) She can do more with a fire and a cast iron skillet than I could do in a chef's kitchen.

Just don't disrespect someone you really don't know by questioning their authenticity or ability just because YOU think she can't possibly be doing all that she does. I know a lot of people that regularly do more than I think they possibly can and that usually reflects on me more than it reflects on them.

That being said, I thank you for your apology. It was the right thing to do.

If you get a yearning for controversy just try and get Donnie and Hugh discussing what REAL BBQ is sometime. That should take care of that...
The beatings will continue until morale improves!
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