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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks for the kind comments friends. Hope you give it a try sometime. I'm glad to see others that are familiar with this method. I does make some good eatin' pork. :)

Originally Posted by noskos View Post
That is one awesome looking pig!

I think a lot of people are jealous about the way you live, being self sufficient in many ways (maybe even all the way) and still enjoying the good life and document it in a beautiful manner. I know I am

I was wondering did you do anything with the offal?!?
Thank you noskos! I did not save the offal on this pig. Any other time I might have but I was toooooo busy to deal with it.

Originally Posted by MemphisQ View Post
What an awesome job!

I have been around whole hog cooks since I was a kid. In PA they used the "Scald the Hair Off" method. In MS I have seen the "Burn the Hair Off" method.

That was the best set of photos I have seen in documenting the "How Too" cook. I am in awe of your talents and ability.

As for you needing to apologize about speaking your mind; I am not much for political correctness. Like my ole' Papa told me "Say what you mean, and mean what you say". And sometimes, some as#&%(# needs to be taken to the woodshed.

I will put the "nolesfan954" on ignore from now on. His opinion is not worth consideration; about anything.

You go girl!

Thank you Memphis.
Another popular way to dehair pigs around here is to bury them with straw and just light the straw on fire. Turn the pig over if needed.
It does smell bad but works fine.

When I scald a large pig by myself I boil the pot of water... dip cheesecloth in the water and lay it across the pig for a few minutes. Then remove the cloth and scrape. Then repeat til the pig is scraped.
It's just the way I was taught.

Thanks again.
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