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Originally Posted by boatnut View Post
I think you're slipping girl, I don't see any fruit in those pics :) What an amazing job you've done!!!!

Wasn't the cavity stuffed with apples?

Believe it or not I am a little disappointed with the way we treated nolesfan. Yes he may have questioned Jeannie and maybe even gone too far for Brethren expectation but we really piled on here. Sometimes in life we are going to disagree with people. Thats just human nature but we are part of a close knit group here. One that always welcomes new comers with open arms. Many who join us don't understand the etiquette of the board. I, myself, was caught in this very spot when I first started posting. I approached it the way I would approach any other forum on the web.....that was my first mistake. Luckily the people here took the time to enlighten me to where I was and what I belonged to. I had a moderator willingly give me their phone number and spend time talking to me and helping me understand the wonders of this place. Now I know where I am, where I stand and love every second of it.
Can we all accept this as a learning curve for Noles and try to welcome him in. I think from some of his later posts he understands what set the board off and seems sorry he did. I would hate to see a brother walk away because of a mistake. We are, in a way, a family unit here. We all have our roles and there is an expectation of us all. Lets be that family and give Noles a "what were you thinking" smack on the back of the head and move on from here. For all we know Noles may have a lot to contribute just like Jeannie.

Jeannie your posts always amaze me. You do so many different things and do them all well. You must be an incredibly interesting person to know personally. Thank you for all you contribute. Oh and let Phubar win at least once. lol
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