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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thank you for the kind comments friends.
If I owe an apology to anyone, it would be to all of you for not biting my tongue. I know better. Please excuse my thoughtlessness.

Originally Posted by DavidEHickey View Post
I'm a believer! So how do you keep the dirt out of the pig once you bury it? Do you put plywood over the hole and then cover in dirt? Looks like it would be fun! So how long total do you leave the pig covered? You said overnight are we talking 8 to 12 hours?
David, I used three pieces of metal to cover the hole....then buried it with dirt, making sure the edges were sealed. I cook pigs 125 and over underground and plan on at least 12 hours. Anything smaller will not take that can do it in one day. It takes so long to burn the wood (about 5hours) to get a deep bed of hot coals, it's just easier for me to do that the night before and go to bed, letting the pig cook overnight.
(hope I explained that well. )

Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae View Post

Kudos to you. One for teaching us all about another 'dish', using great directions and even better pictures, and two for gritting your teeth, biting your tongue, punching the walls, or whatever it took to deal with...adversity.

Good on ya, gal!

Arlin, thank you for that. (((HUG)))

Originally Posted by Buster Dog BBQ View Post
That is some type of deer camp. Did you get any deer? I am still trying to get my arms around the whole buried pig thing. I know they do that in Hawaii and stuff but can't get through my head how the coals keep going. Would love to try that some time. Nice job.
Buster, I did get a deer! Thanks for asking.
The bed of coals are so deep that they last all night. You do have to use hardwood though and plan on at least one foot or more of coals.

jestridge, it does smell bad. lol

Quietone, I will get that shrimp recipe to you. Thanks!

Thanks JD.

Thank you again everyone, it's an easy way to cook a pig. Well... once you get the pit dug, the pig cleaned and the wood burned.
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