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Originally Posted by swibirun View Post
I have used them a bit and like them. It's kind of like MRI Guy says. They have a great initial impact but the final product has minimal difference. I just like the smell when I open the bag and toss on a handful. It's "aroma therapy" for the BBQ set ;) :)

I didn't realize they were that much more cost wise. My wife buys them for me. I'm not going to question her, she might start buying "select" meats ;)
wait till the end of the season (like right now) and when they are on sale buy.

maybe it depends on what cooker you have and what your are cooking. i don't use them on everything.

try a burger or a classic t-rex steak or beef tenderloin with the chips at the roast part and tell me it's the same as oak chunks. we will agree to disagree then.
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