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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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This will make you all sick.. In Utah if i cook on site all i have to have is one bucket with nozzel to free flow fresh water and one to catch it for washing hands. Coolers to keep food at proper temps if below 35, and 3 buckets for wash rinse and bleach if i dont have hot running water and need to wash utinsels cause i didnt bring enough. Cant use sterno type heaters outdoors (burn laws here and uneffective) they love crockpots and such. Cant just vend on the side of the road in my county however I can get an event permit for $25 and have a very limited menu for farmers markets, fairs, ect... No kitchen invalved yet but i figure when I do it will be some kinda walk up place. Its more laber intensive but i get to charge out the wazoo for brisket.
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