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Hello Brethren,

My name is Christian, I live in Santa Cruz, CA, and I’m a dedicated backyard barbecue/grill enthusiast. I have a particular obsession with barbecue RUBS, and have a dream that one day every kitchen in America will have a jar of barbecue rub on its spice rack.

Until very recently, I was a charcoal purist…and strictly hardwood at that. That changed about a month ago when I received a gas grill, a Weber Q, as a gift from my parents. While my OTG is still absolutely the cornerstone of my cooking, I am definitely a newly converted fan of using gas. Primarily because I now grill even more, increasing my weekly “light the grill” count from about twice a week to nearly four.

As a homemade BBQ rub fanatic, this essentially means I can try out even more recipes. A true smoker setup will be my next project (now I happily make do with the OTG.)

I’ve been working in the hi-tech industry for about 18 years with a specialization in innovation – which basically means I find new and novel ways to do things. I do, however, have aspirations to launch my own line of barbecue rubs, and aim to make that a reality in 2010.

I joined the forum to find more people who share my passion for rubs – if you are one, please get in touch; If you know of one, please send them my way. I love sauces and marinades as much as the next guy, but there’s something about rubs that I think goes under-appreciated and under-utilized by the average backyard barbecuer. I’d like to contribute to changing that.

I look forward to learning as much as I can from forum members.

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