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i had the big version of that (it got stolen about 3 months ago), and i tried to seal it up with the rope that way. it didnt stick at all once i fired it up. i had to get the D/A sander and really clean the metal with paint thinner for it to work. i welded in a sheet metal baffle from the top of the hot inlet across to the far side with a slight up slope toward the exhaust end. it had about 1 1/2" of space along both edges the whole length for the smoke to roll out. worked 100% better than factory. i only used apple/oak/maple with no charcoal, so i just used the heavy grates that came with it in the firebox. mine had a flapper on the stack to close it, and that really helped shut it down after i sealed it up. worked great. i wish i still had it. it was the biggest of the 3 of those they sell at walmart. it was cheap and thin, but if i find another one on sale for less than 140, ill buy it. being able to do a 1/2 pig is sure nice for only 140 bucks.
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