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Default Some EZ/much needed mods to my Cheap Off set

Hey all, been about a month or 2 since my last post, sorry. I got married, and October and November are the busiest months ever for me. I have just been too busy to post. Anyway, here are some cheap mods I did today. I have alot of pron from the Santa Maria that i want to share as well.

Charcoal Basket...I have been needing one of these all summer long. I think it will work well.

I tied it together with Stainless Steel wire, I hope it holds.

Inserted in the fire box. I really think this is going to change the way my POS offset performes, I hope to do a test burn tomorrow.

Didnt finish, but this is my broken axe handle that I cut and sanded. Will make a great handle. I saw someone else do this on a thread a while back. Thanks to who ever it was who posted it. Cool idea.

New charcoal box, new grate. I also used woodstove rope to seal it. I had used BGE gasket material, but i could never get it to stick on the hot side. I hope this works.

Thanks for viewing and commenting...I hope to remove the chimney from the top and put it in the bottom below the grate, see how that works...and i have sheet steel that i line inside the top half to keep some heat. I am always into hearing new ideas...Thanks again, glad to be back.
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