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Default A CO2 extinguisher & a pair of welding gloves – your friends in a grease fire

My friends actually...

I'm in charge of the smoked turkey. The outside turkey. The one nearer to the refrigerator in the garage where we keep the beer. Sharon's in charge of the inside turkey.

Sharon's a fine cook, but compulsive precision has never been a problem for her. When the turkey didn't fit all the way into the pan, she just let one of the wings hang over the side. When the grease started to drip – onto the bottom floor of the oven – it caught fire.

Excitement ensued.

But if you have a pair of welding gloves handy, you can get the bird out of the oven before letting loose with the CO2 extinguisher. (That makes a great noise BTW...) Donning the the welding gloves once more allows you to wipe up the remaining grease without even turning the oven off. A little stainless safety wire to keep the wings inside the pan, and we're back in the oven without going down a lap.

Now we've got the big-ass HF fan airing the place out. I bet the family will never even guess it happened by the time they get here.

Money quote from Sharon: "Look Grace – mommy's smoking a turkey too..."
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