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Holiday snackies are fun. I really did have a ball today. Be forewarned, my photography skills suck. Out of focus and bad lighting. Still tasted good.

KC'quer's BBQ meatballs, I make these every fall. The recipe is in this thread if you look.

Some Italian seasoned meatballs with tomatoe sauce, and yes boss, I did make the sauce, not canned.

Some bacon wrapped meatballs, they look really dark in the pic, they really weren't. As I said, my photography skills suck.

The best balls of the day. Jalapeno Spud balls, introduced to me by Res6cue. These were good eating. I substituted butter for the EVOO. Rich flavor. Again, these were not as dark as the pic.

Forgot the link to the spud balls:
In SHSSW fashion, thanks for looking at my snacks!
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