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Originally Posted by Bossmanbbq View Post
For those of you who have a Louisiana Grill, I'm having an issue I wanted to see if any of you have experienced. Yesterday when I was smoking briskets, the fire pots went out three separate times. When I moved everything out and got down to the firepots I saw that the pellets were backed up and quite a bit of ash was in the fire pot.
Anybody have this happen to them? Any suggestions on how to correct this other then "Buy this kind of smoker....)
Thanks for your help in advance!
Forget that pellet pooper and get a Sumps clone!!!

Really...Did you check your fan? Sounds like it is not blowing proper.
maybe a short somewhere?

CHIBI-Q comp team.

Vertical insulated charcoal dropping clone.
Homemade offset.
Traeger LilTex for winter cheating.

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