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Originally Posted by Bevo View Post
Big B, If you ever decide to build another...Which you will because one of your friends will want one. There is a place here in DFW that has new and unlined drums. The place is called Dallas drum, this is where I purchased mine. A piece of mind goes a long way!

Thanks Bevo. i had called them and balked at the $48 for a new unlined drum, but if I have it to do over again I will probably go that way. I'm spending my spare time instead of money now I guess

I did one burn with pallet wood but didn't get to go as long as I wanted to because I kept hearing sirens

I guess I'll keep working with the weed burner now instead.

Right now my whole drum is much darker inside and coated with soot so it's kind of hard to tell if it's down to metal or not. I can use the wire wheel to get all the way down to shiny again, and it's not flaking and leaving a fine powder now like it was before the burn. Nearly all the paint on the outside has flaked off already except for a couple of spots.

I think I'll give it one more good session with the weed burner and whatever doesn't burn then isn't going to burn at the normal temps this thing will see. And don't forget this one had what is probably the BPA lining that probably won't hurt anything but my endocrines.

Of course I am always open to suggestions or comments

For the Weed Burner folks, what kind of time frame are we talkin' here, I hit the whole top section down to and including the first ring all the way around for probably 15-20 min already and this is still what it looks like after I washed it with a 409 type cleaner, its called Greased Lightning.

Right now I'm going to watch some football and perform another timed rust test
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