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Default Popdaddys Official Weep and Pig Honey Vid

Heres a snippet from my big ribs video

I rushed off a section of it because we were talking about bending, weeping, and pig honey.

A bit of background.

The "weep" method uses high heat (270 is perfect), no foil ever, no panning, keeps the sinew on, no sugar in the rub, no mops, no glazes typically, no spritzes, no braising just rub, place in the smoker (sometimes up or down and sometimes flipped) and cooked at high temps until the ribs begin to release a juice called pig honey. When there is so much of this honey being released that they drip and hiss, we make sure the fire is hot and well burned with a good clean bead of coals and simply **** all the dampers, vents and ports suppling air in and smoke out of the smoker.

The ribs ride in this humid, juicy environment and tenderize and juicify.

The ribs are then pulled and eaten. This is essentially a True Texas Style no frills rib. For those that have never seen this, here it is.
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