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Ok, i will clarify.. I really doubt anyone got mad here. I am just "moderating" us back on track. The point I was addressing was the repeated use of the word replacment feature being misused. Thats my point. so be it that it was the spam stuff that prompted it, but i would have posted this for anything that was being replaced that was not, lets call it, "official business". That was my concern, what goes on behind the scenes of the site.

Bill however, has more focus on whats up front. He brings out legitimate points. The insider humor was not apparant to me, but he and bigdog are 100% right. We had a little thing a while back where we appeared Clickish.. we neet to be aware of that and make sure it dont happen.

The Spam stuff was just becoming litter showing up everwhere. We are not saying not to discuss it. Members really like it, cook it and munch it. We just would like it, just like everything else to stay in its place. If its legit stuff, it stays in Qtalk, or even woodpile for on/off topic, but it has no place in someones cattle call.. that was the point. We go thru this every so often and we need to be re-railed and regroup.

We are growing very fast, need to make sure that when the new members arrive, they are handed a beer and a slice of brisket. Some of you have taken upon yourselves the job of welcoming committee.. thats is so incredible of you. New members come in and immediately get private welcomes.. Its a great thing and many new members have sent me emails commenting on that. I thank our welcoming committee for helping us to grow and expand.

No more from me.. Im done now.. again. :)
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