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somebody shut me the fark up.
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As the former spokesman for the Spam=**** Campain, I feel obligated to respond here. It was not my intent to make anyone mad or drive away any new members with my Spam talk. If I did so, I am sorry. It was all good natured fun, and I believe that most people took it that way, right Al? I still hate Spam, probably always will, but I respect other people's opinions. This diversity of people is what makes us as a group and as country great.

I also agree that we (including myself) need to be more careful with our insider humor when talking with new members. We need new members, and need to be careful to not scare them away. If they stick with us, they will soon realize that they are one of us, and will be accepted. This is not an exclusive club, rather a diverse one.

Finally, I agree that we have beat this topic to death, and need to move on. Lets find something else to pick on. My .02
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