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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I agree Phil (not that you are looking for my .02) but I think you need to stress that if you want to talk about it in Q Talk, then thats were it belongs.

I just hate people asking me to admin this guy or that guy cuz SPam is in Reflection threads, Cattle Call threads, Requests, etc.

If I go move someones post, I get accused of being the net nazi or something.

The Janitor idea was good, but we are now 300+ and need to self police.

I have not added to the pro or anti spam camps lately, for I don't want to add fuel to the fire.

My personal view, go nuts. Talk spam all you want. Share recipes. Inject yourself to death. I don't care. But can we please, as a group, I am NOT singling out anyone here, can we please try to keep Spam talk in Q talk where it belongs.

Now let me clarify. Lets all keep it in QTalk in Spam threads. We don't need to see a new brother asking about frying a turkey and see a fried spam post.

If you want talk fried spam, just start a new thread.

Secondly (whoa, you would think I own this site. No, I am only making adult suggestions) the word censor is now off limits. I did not do the recent round of word censor changes, but as Phil said, it is now off limits.

Third. Gentlemen, you know who you are (I am one of them) update your profiles. Lets get rid of the pro spam, or anti spam, in the signatures. "How dare Chi-Bill impose his will on us!" Wait!!. Hear me out.

We got like 330 members here. I'll pick out 2. Hornbri and Mook. These 2 guys seem like they could fit right in with us. Well we also got alot of what I call "hit and runs". Sign up, look around, and don't see them again. (Where is that guy from Romeoville Greg?) So we are all in the marketing department. Why would we desire to scare off new members from posting. If I were Dingleberry, and I am, I would say, this group is too cliquey (the spelling on that is farked up, how do you say, clique-y) meaning inside jokes. If people come on, see nothing but **** that only pertains to a select few, then they dont' feel they belong.

Look at me, Mr. Blah Blah Blah. But I always try to welcome everyone as best I can, edit out the crap that is deemed offensive (by common sense standards) and make sure new guys feel at home. I like the fact that Hornbri and Mook seemed to fit right in. Its for people like them (and us) that this was created. By the way H and M, where the fark is BigMoFo? There is room for his 300# ass here too.

Slat is a great marketer. He is always sending PM welcomes to people.

I am babbling, and it's ony 3pm.

So let's clean up the Spam crap and keep it in Q Talk. Yes, I am a moderator, but not a baby sitter.

Thank you for your time

The death of "willkat98"

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