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Default Grand Poobah Soapbox... RE:Word Replacment, hijacks, etc..

Originally Posted by willkat98
Originally Posted by BigAl
Wait till Mary gets back to crack some NUTZ!
Maybe she's sick of it too.

I would pay to see the look on her face when you asked her.

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General announcment...
RE: Word Replacment utility
Hijacking Forums and Threads

ladies ladies ladies ...

I was catching up on reading posts and could not make sense of some stuff because of the editing of done by the word censor. That is how I noticed we have a bit of a phantom running around.... :?

So, Uncle Mary is here.. just cause someone messed with the word censor, and that aint gonna happen again.. right? This leads me to a few different topics and to kill a few birds with one stone(pun intended).

So here is MY .02 cents.. which will equate to a lottery windfall in this particular situation.

I dont like any form of Spam.. I hate the email type and dont remember the luncheon meat(term used loosely) type cause its been that long since i ate it. We seem to have both appearing on the site.

HOWEVER.. Spam the meat..... it is edible, it can be smoked, fried and cooked.. and just like Dave Littles dislike for Lamb, in contrast, I like lamb(somewhat).... We are both entitled to our preferences. I cook lamb, and dave buries it in the yard.

Well.... Some members like that spam stuff and enjoy it and even worship it if they so choose.. others cant stand it.... thatrs just fine... I personally, dont add anything to the Spam threads cause i am not a fan of it and choose NOT to engage in it. But there are those who like it and they choose to share there exploits with other members who like it. Thats what we are all about. In this forum, they are entitled to share adn post without being trashed. If I see Spam stuff, i just read past it. I have heard members discuss Smoked Bologna. Have I tried it, no, but bologna is a procesed meat product, in my opinion, not far off from spam... and no one was trashing that. So, my recommendations, if ya dont like the spam stuff, dont discuss it, let those who enjoy it do that. BTW, I like Boarshead Bologna, no other brand though.

On the other hand, Spam(meat) has shown up everywhere.. cattle call threads have been hijacked with the stuff, Discussion and Reflections threads out of the blue get Spam refrerences. Tag lines are littered with it and its just inciting more SPAM talk. Spam(the meat) has turned into SPAM(Unsolicited email/postings). I have seen legitimate threads from new members get hijacked with Spam references. No more of that. If anyone wants a legitimate thread to post spam receipes or whatever in qtalk, its on topic and legit, but we need to stop littering the board with refrences to fake meat.

So I am not going to even ask which one of the admins used the admin privledge inappropriately and messed with the word censor.. editing the word Spam to the spam d'jour. I just put word replacment back to the way it should be and I am confident that our admins will NOT mess with it again. That word censor from this point forward is OFF LIMITS for anything but official REAL USE. It currently replaces only 2 words and their variations. It will stay that way.

I'm done now..

maybe I'll go make an Bologna Omlette.

BTW, This "Quest" thread started with Sixgun trying to find a place to buy a Bandera. Somewhere it went to hell and back and then went to the bahamas, and is somewhere, but i havent caught up by reading backwards yet......

So in the immortal words of many a member..


Hows that Quest going?
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