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Thank You Brother Bill for the So Flav. I will be grilling only this weekend and I am having so flav chicken boobs and shrimp.
With that in mind (if true) would searing only harden the outside to prevent smoke absorbtion?

But it sounds good if all you were after was sealing in the juices, as your taste test proved.
To me this is the smokers paradox. Everything that keeps juices in keeps smoke out, or so it would seem. The OL likes her steaks med and I like mine a bit rarer so I always put mine in the freezer after seasoning and hers in the frige so they cook in the same amt of time. Always assumed mine was juicier just due to being less done, maybe there is more to it than that.
Big Al I'd be delighted for you to try it and tell us how it comes out!
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