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Default What's smoking this weekend?

What are you Brethren gonna smoke this weekend?

I'll not be Qing till the snot is gone, it is still comming down and I need to go out and plow the drive way and "road" up to the main hard top street before it get much deeper.

So I need to see pics of the fine Q you brothers turn out this weekend. :D

Or at least read about it.

And I have a question, have any of you taken a frozen Brisket and seared it while it is still frozen and then put it in the Smoke chamber?

Reason for the question is, I went to an old meat processing plant out in Elizebeth (even more rual that where I live) and bought a big farking frozen porterhouse steak. The older lady there told me that I would have the best results if I seared the steak while frozen inorder to "lock in the moisture" and then grill as normal. I did and it was real good. So I wonder if that would also work on a Brisket. Sear and then Smoke. So what do you think?
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