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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
Check out my pics on the lid problem size wise:

Can't see too much on the thrid pic, but if you look close enough on the first and second pics you can see where I tried to mash down the lid so it would fit. It did but I didn't like that it just sat on top of the barrel rim. So my fix was to add 4 skinny bolts and some furnace gasket to make the seal and keep it from falling or moving on the drum.

Oops no pics of gasket so here it is:

Here you can see the aligning bolts and the gasket held on by high temp red silicone engine gasket maker stuff.

Hope all this helps on a solution......

Paul B
I just discovered a use for the bolts besides aligning the lid on the barrel. They double as a lid hanger on the side of the barrel!!! . Either two will catch top lip or just one. Don't know that I will use it though with the empty plant hanger that is just a couple of steps away.

So, not only do the bolts secure and align the lid, it can double as a lid hanger to the side of the barrel. With the weber and knock off lids that don't quite fit this may be a viable fix. Although the lids may have to be mashed somewhat as I had to do to mine from Arctic Products.

No pics yet, so it actually didn't happen, but it does work well it there were pics.

Paul B

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