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Originally Posted by Redheart View Post
I think the breach of fiduciary from a board member is a valid reason to have an executive session, but these tips can help with overall transparency issues and prevent the board from declaring executive session because the topic is heated or because they feel they have heard enough, so to speak. I think all votes should be open except when dealing with disciplinary action of board members, executive reviews or obviously sensitive legal or financial issues. But I do believe that the minutes of those meeting should be revealed to the members without names of the those making comments or the recording of the vote, just the voting results. One board I was on played it like the Supreme Court. When a sensitive vote was taken, the decision was revealed through a report, but a dissenting report was also created. This prevented the tedious nature of minutes and allowed for the logic of both sides of the issue to present their logic on the issue. I thought that was pretty neat.
Issues can be discussed in executive session. ALL motions and votes must be taken publicly and published in mimutes. KCBS follows that procedure. There are no secret motions or votes which are not recorded. (at lease while I have served as Secretary.)
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