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Ok, to each their own, but I think my mod is easier. Although I can see why you guys don't want to take a hammer to a good lid and mess up the porcelin.

You can mash the outer most lip on the weber lid down a bit(maybe half way), drill 4 holes to install 4 bolts with nuts to hold, some furnace gasket and have a lid that sits firm and smoke free from the rim.

Hard to see but the edge has been mashed to halfway flat.

Here the furnace gasket fits nicely in the half mashed channel and around the bolts. The length of bolt I used makes for a very stable lid that sits square(or is it round) on the drum. I'm sure it would work for a weber lid, mine is a SS lid about the same size as a weber lid.

JMHO and experiences..............

Paul B
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