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Default BOD Meeting Vote - What's Your Opinion?

Chris Early, Early Bird BBQ, and I attended the BOD meeting in person tonight. Apparently two members were listening on the phone too.

This will of course be in the "Quick Notes" document but I wanted to get the feelings about this from you folks...

Apparently at an undisclosed contest, a rep announced to the crowd during the awards that he/she had seen the winning ancillary category entry and without asking the cook, publicly disclosed to the crowd what that entry was. This prompted an email to one board member from the winning team, angry that their entry had been disclosed.

There was a motion made by Carol Whitebook to (and I'm paraphrasing here) issue a rep advisory regarding not telling what a cook submits in an ancillary category unless the cook chooses to share. This motion was seconded by Ed Roith. Merl, Carol and Ed spoke in favor of this advisory. I cannot recall specifically who spoke against it. It seems some of the concern was that KCBS can't control what an organizer chooses to disclose in an ancillary category. Here was the vote:

Ed - Yes
Gene - Yes
Carol - Yes
Merl - Yes
Paul - No
Mike B. - No
Linda - No
Tana - No
Steve - No
Don - No

Motion failed.

OK so what do you think as cooks? Is this a "cooker friendly" decision? Is it minutia and more micromanagement? Does it matter? Do you want a rep to blurt out what you turned in if you had planned to keep it secret? Isn't this the same as telling other teams what your rib box looked like?

Personally, I think it's wrong. As a cook, I should be able to say what my entry was or I should be able to say "I'm sorry, I choose to keep that a secret". Of course KCBS can't stop the organizer from saying something in an ancillary category BUT my opinion is give the reps the advisory to keep out of it and not say anything themselves. This just seems to be sending the wrong message. What do you all think?

I think Chris took more notes than I did and he can go into other details. Everything else seemed pretty non-exciting. Paul Kirk (no report in Education for November) as he was leaving, jokingly (I hope) asked Chris and I if we had a life...
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