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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by n2dabluebbq View Post
dear Jeff in kc,

first off i have no say in this matter whatsoever. especially since i have yet to join kcbs. but one of the things that has helped me stay away has been some of the issues in the recent past.
for an example lets use the mma thing and how you stated there should be transparency, but yet there isn't. another subject would be the nepotism thing. folks say it would not do any good concerning kcbs to say what is really going on and by whom and in what manner. but if things stay in secrecy, how are they ever to change?
these are just two of the things that have me still holding on to the walet and not let the money flow to the society. and while i do not expect a response much less some magic potion to solve all these concerns, i do feel that it would be nice to have someone who is running for a BOD position know that there just might be a few blokes that just may share the same concern as i do.
so in closing, i would like to say that i hope your words and feelings towards the direction of kcbs are true and sincere. good luck to you sir and thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts.
I appreciate your comments. The fact that you aren't willing to pay to join KCBS is one of the things that concern me about our organization. I realize KCBS can't make everyone happy. I get that. But you are one in a line of people who have told me that they either would not join KCBS or would not renew. That being said, I know of four people who told me they already HAVE renewed because I am running for the BOD. I sincerely appreciate the faith those folks have in me to do a good job if elected. You can be certain that my feelings about the direction in which I believe KCBS should move are true and sincere. I have way, way too many friends in barbeque who would crucify me if I didn't support the issues I say I will! I will go so far as to say that IF elected, as the term comes to an end, I will survey as many people as I can and get an honest opinion as to whether I have done a good job and let the members determine if I should run for a second term. I will hold myself completely accountable for those opinions.
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