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Originally Posted by bstryd View Post
Oh, good info on the pork - that's news to me and I appreciate the input. Re: the turkey, that's what I was guessing to get it done in some sort of timely manner. And it will be brined, so I'm not concerned about it drying out.

I do have the mod that lets the whole thing lift off - very handy. I just need a safe and easy way to get ash out of the pan after the cook part is off. I'm thinking how to lift the grill I have the charcoal on so I can clear the air holes. Maybe just vise grips and gloves when the time comes.

Thanks, all, for the great input.
Brining will help, but don't think it's impossible to dry out the turk. I did a brine test while back with 2 whole chickens. Brined one and not the other. Used identical rubs, cook temps, etc. I overcooked both birds (OOPS!!). The one that was brined wasn't AS bad, but I thought it was still dryer than it should've been. Still gotta watch your meat temps.

I'd find a recipe that you like and follow suggested temps. I believ most recipes for turkey (whether grilled, smoked or oven cooked) call for 325-350 degrees for so many minutes per pound. Just go with that and you'll be fine.

Minion method will help you get more time out of your coals too. Lump will also burn a bit hotter to help you get temps up there, but won't last as long as briq's.

Good luck man!

I did smoked turkey last year and everyone's asking for it again this year!
You'll LOVE it!!!
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