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Originally Posted by Skip View Post
Pork shoulder does stall in that range. That is very common. If your cooker started to drop off thats an issue but if cooker temps hoovered around 225 the whole time the shoulder was stalled that is common.
Exactly! I once had a butt stall for more than a couple of hours! 225 should be easily achievable with the ECB as long as there's plenty of airflow to the coals. Turkey's likely to require above 300 to properly crisp the skin. You'll need a longer, hotter fire for that (depending on the size of the turkey). Don't know if you have the option, but I always do my turkeys on the Webers. No need fir low&slow for poultry, IMHO.

Making the cook chamber able to lift completely off of the firepan will certainly help if you need to lift it off and shake the ash out of the coals.
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