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I was doing a pork shoulder the other day and all was fine until about 3hrs. Then the temp stalled around 225 and the cooking was really going slow. The roast stayed at 152 or so for an hour with no movement. I'm planning on doing a turkey - say around 15 lbs - for Thanksgiving and don't want the heat hanging up on me. Looks like I need another mod for the firepan. Anyone with advice on the turkey - will be my first on this unit. Will also be doing one on my gas grill as indirect as possible - been doing that for years. Great advice here - thanks.

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I get 325-350 out of mine, but I have to leave the water bowl dry. Plus, I don't usually need it for that long. I only use higher temps for hams or poultry.

What kinda temps and for how long are you looking for?
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