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Originally Posted by willkat98 View Post
I would have thought 45 minutes for a pizza would be too long.

Did you drop the temp down to 200*, or dial down the FEC?

oopss. thats should be 4 - 5 minuites. i never claimed i could type. :)

Originally Posted by Norcoredneck View Post
With all these spelling errors maybe I should try makin some Za. Hey Boss we have rules here. No pics didn't happen.
what? huh? dont understand?

started out with wheat dough

stretched and formed

onto the stone and sauced

dressed her up. The cheese was a LOW MOISTURE mozz with hot pepper and basil. Thats all the little specks in it. The low moisture cheeses are what im discussing here.

finished product, with some added fresh basil.

it was very good, but i dont like whn the cheese gets like this, many dont mind or even notice. See how on some of the outer corners its become translucent? and in some places its forming small holes. I dont like that.. I like the cheese to be soft and still moist and just starting to brown.

next pie went in cheeseless, until the dough was almost where I liked it..

then open the oven and added the cheese with about a minute left.

and of course I didnt take a final pic of the pie, just after its sliced.. But the cheese was melted, just browning, no holes, no seperating or drying out. But the crust was more well done witha better rise and more crispy.

The dough I used was from a local italian market which does not have as good of a rise as some of the pizza doughs from the pizzarias. Im actually considering trying my own again, but I hate turning my kitchen into a look alike meth lab.

how come no asked why i didnt use the egg? u guys are slacking..
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