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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
thanks.. i knew i speeled it rong.. but after trying 3 differnt spelling of wchich nune made sense.... i gave up. :)

but good point.. it should use fresh tomato.... i forgot.. (whatever.. it still tasted good.)

mine uses lime and tequila in the dough tho :)
Well I guess the lime and tequila in the dough makes it a Margarita Pizza and not a Pizza Margherita.
Mexican vs Italian spelling.
I am sure it tasted wonderful and was only busting chops. Guess I should have added on of these or one of these to bring that across a little more clearly.
Did you use corn meal on the top of your stone or the bottom of the pizza? That little lift of the crust from the meal does help with circulation and not sweating under the dough.
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