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Default pizza lesson/experiment. Cheese drying out. *pRon*

Just a quick thing I have been meaning to do and got to try it tonight.

made a couple of margarita pies tonight. Margarita use fresh whole mozz and what i have seen in the past, is that sometimes the breaks down before the crust is finished cooking. So, the obvious fix is to give the crust a head start without the cheese. First pie tonight, the cheese dried out.. and i had to remove the pie earlier than I would have like to.. the cheese was seperating and the crust wasnt as crisp as I'd like. This happens more often with whole wheat crusts since they take a litlle longer to cook.

so the obvious key(and i always forget to do) was to put the pie in, with sauce only... for about 3 minutes, or until the crust is starting to brown, at which time I pulled it, put on the cheese(and a little extra sauce) and returned to oven for about 2 minutes. Came out with a crispy and airy crust.. and the cheese was melted, and still moist.. perfect... now if i can just remember to keep doing this.

May be obvious, but i jsut wanted to add this to our pizza threads for those starting out.
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