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Originally Posted by MemphisQ View Post
You could always run Parallels on your Mac. This gives you the ability to run Windows Xp on your Mac. I have been doing that for 3 years on a 17" MacBookPro. Runs great. Seemless between MacOS and WindowsXP.
I got Parallels when I bought my Mac a few years ago. It quite working a year later, and I just stopped trying to use it. But you inspired me to check for updates to my version of Parallels today, which I found, downloaded, and hey! it works again!

So I got back into XP on my Mac and downloaded Stokerlog. I had seen graphs of other people's cooks, but was not prepared for how much I would like using it on my own cook. Also, the Twitter support worked right-away. I guess it is irresistibly neat for any Stoker owner, and I can see how it will help me to learn to improve my cooks with it. One thing I discovered already is that when I open the Egg, I get a temp spike that takes quite a while to dissipate. I even turn the Stoker off before raising the lid, and turn the Stoker back on once the lid is back down, and this is what leads to the spike (a cook at 250 degrees takes the Egg up to 262-265 after opening/closing the lid).

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.

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