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Originally Posted by IronStomach View Post
It's funny, I'd probably react exactly the same way as your grandmother, but my pizzas are the only time I'll use sugar in tomatoes. My Italian wife doesn't understand why I'll cook down a batch of bolognese for four hours either. I can't stand the taste of sugar in pasta sauces, but it doesn't take much to tone down the tomatoes for the pizza and I can never taste it. Usually since there isn't much compared to the cheese and toppings.

Since I don't actually sauce the tomatoes, I'm not sure carrots or vidalias would work, though it's a good idea, if I ever make a non-Chicago style pie I'll give it a try, thanks!

I hear you on the variety of the tomatoes, this was the first year for the garden for my wife and I and our tomatoes... well... the heirlooms kick butt, but the romas, not so much. Super incredibly bitter when canned. Ah well.

opps.. your right.. My brains thinking tomato sauce in general, not pizza sauce. I can see a small amount(sugar) in pizza sauce not doing any harm. I like my pizza sauce to tastw like nothing more than fresh tomatos.

Try the shreadded carrot once.. just run a knife down the sides of a carrot to get some pulp and add it to a sauce that went bitter.
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