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LT7, I have an oxy/acetylene rig, a mig, stick welder, grinders ( handheld and bench mount) whiz wheel, and a large assortment of hand tools. I would love a plasma, but just can't justify the cost right now.

Jacob - I made the hinges out of 3/4 black pipe, and 5/8 solid rod. Filed the weld out of the inside of the pipe, and used a grinder to take a little off of the steel rod till I had a good fit. Time consuming, but cheap and durable.

SmokinTurkey, I had planned to flip the fenders upside down and install burners under them for side dishes

I believe it was knucklehead who asked about the excel spreadsheet, its floating around the internet, no idea who actually made it anymore, but you plug in the size of you chamber, and it gives you firebox dimensions, firebox to chamber openings, reverse flow size, chimney size etc. I may have lost it last night when I upgraded my computer to Win 7, but I'll find it and post it here if anyone wants it. I got it from a post either here or elsewhere, can't remember anymore.
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